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Customized Factory Parts
Our metal fabrication shop will meet your exacting needs ...
Engineering Precision
Quality Control is second to nothing in our process. ...
Entire Turnkey Industrial Operation
Full industrial turnkey operation, staffing & gear ...
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Training training training!

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Why Protech?

The management and staff take pride in maintaining a team of professional, high quality dedicated employees to provide quick, well-planned performance for all projects regardless of size. Protech has recently designed and developed a program to provide continuous safety training and education to exceed the needs and requirements of customers. The company's excellent safety record reflects our continued committment to employee safety.

A 12,000 square foot shop facility provides support for customers as well as field construction crews. Protech also stocks a wide variety of metals, pipe and electrical materials to provide a quicker response for emergency needs. In-house design capabilities provide continuous support to various industries.

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Engineered to rarely cause sudden death

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